Tishk Computer Institute

Tishk Private Institute for Computer Sciences

As part of projects initiated by Global Education Company founded in 2011, the Private Tishk Institute for Computer Sciences is established as the second educational institution in Dohuk city center in 2013 after been granted license by the ministry of education in Kurdistan Region. However, the idea of having this private institute in Dohuk came out as a result of below indicators observed from a rapid assessment conducted in Dohuk city center:

1. Despite the fact of the availability of a number of governmental and private universities, colleges and institutes in Kurdistan region, providing education opportunities to students, there are still  a remarkable number of students who are unable to continue their education and remained disadvantaged to attend these universities and institutes.

2. The increase in number of students graduated from preparatory schools compared to the limited capacities  in the available educational institutions in Kurdistan region.

3. Local market needs for sub specialties, especially the computer science considered as the most required skills profession for the majority of governmental and private institutions in addition to the booming international market that requires such local capacities in the region (e.g. oil companies, banks, international organizations…etc).

4. The continuous increase in number of students acquiring the high quality of education and intending to continue study in higher education.

The annual education program in this five year academic institute, is divided  into two semesters and the graduated students offered a diploma certificate in computer science certified by the ministry of education in KRG. Accordingly, this institute will play a key role in providing qualified graduates with computer sciences who could be engaged in different fields at various governmental and private institutions in Dohuk governorate as well in whole Kurdistan Region.  

Therefore under the auspices of the Global Education Company, the institute embarks on an ambitious plan designed to enhance the overall student experience, increase the faculty and student support staff, upgrade and expand facilities.