Tishk Computer Institute
Mission and Vision

A. Vision Statement:

Contribute to the Ministry of Education’s efforts to enhance computer science education through private sector.

B. Mission Statement:

Effective implementation and provision of education curricula and enroll students in interactive and practical education activities, as well as providing an opportunity for dropouts to enroll in education system.

 C. Objectives:

  1. To be able to implement Ministry of Education’s Computer Science Curricula more effectively to enable student to obtain wider knowledge in computer science in five years of enrollment in the institute.
  2. Provide contemporary technologies and education materials to bring up student to today’s technical development in computer science.

D. List of Activities

  1. Implementation of MOE computer science curriculum as per the ministry’s education annual calendar,
  2. Provide other classes been stipulated in the MOE programme for the private institutions,
  3. Provide in-door and out-door activities for students,
  4. Daily operation activities by the institutions administration,
  5. Monitor the progress of education enrollment,
  6. Monitor the daily activities and presence of the teachers in to the institution,
  7. Establish related committees to implement the above activities and meet on regular and add-hock basis to follow up and tackle burning questions.